Top 3 Ski Resorts in VERMONT for Beginners – Comparison

Vermont is a paradise for skiers. With tons of snowy mountains and an endless amount to explore, it’s hard not to be pulled away from your phone or tablet when you’re on vacation here! Sometimes even natives feel their attention wander while they ski because there is so much more than just skiing going on all around them.

top ski resorts in vermont

Resort Location

Beginner's Trails


Snow Tubing

Okemo Mountain Resort

39 Trails

  • 20 Lifts

  • 2 Magic Carpet

Available + Coaster

Stratton Mountain Resort

38 Trails

  • 11 Lifts

  • 1 Magic Carpet


Killington Ski Resort

28 Trails

  • 20 Lifts

  • 3 Magic Carpets

Available + Coaster

If you’re new to skiing and snowboarding, then these three spots are perfect for beginners:

#1. Okemo Mountain Resort

Okemo is an excellent destination for the first-time skier. Five mountains, a large vertical drop with plenty of terrains to explore, make it one of Vermont’s best ski destinations for beginners and experts alike.

Green Trails for Beginners

Plenty of trails for beginner hikers at Okemo Ski Resort, including 39 green-rated trails out of 121, spread over the five mountains in town! These beginner trails offer a taste of everything from scenic terrain to variety and room to explore – perfect for those just starting their ski adventures or who want more than one option when they head up towards the mountain.

Magic Carpet Lifts

The resort has 20 different lifts to offer beginners, with 2 magic carpet lifts available for those just getting their feet wet. The best part? You can ride these free of charge as you get your skis under control and experience the mountain!

Training Packages

Learning to ski or snowboard can be a thrilling and exciting adventure. For beginners, the staff at Okemo Ski Resort has lessons available for all skill levels in both skiing and snowboarding. Packages are purchased per day or season basis, with packages costing 10% less if booked early! Check their site to see the latest rates on this amazing experience which is sure not to disappoint you!

Kids of all ages, from 3 to 14 years old, will enjoy a fun and educational experience at the children’s programs. The program is offered in both half-day or full-day sessions.

Women’s programs are designed to help you get more involved in winter sports. From a 5-day weekly package, women of all skill levels and backgrounds can find the perfect program for them!

Group lessons are a perfect way to get your feet wet in the world of skiing. They’re designed for beginners, and they allow you to work closely with an instructor who can help guide you through all the basics before tackling them on your own.

For those looking for a quick way to up their game, private lessons offer the perfect opportunity. They allow you to work at your own pace and give you exclusive access to an instructor when it’s time for hands-on instruction!

They offer both 6-month to 4-year-old care. So, while you’re on the slopes and your kids are bored out of their minds, they can be entertained by their penguin playground equipment!

Rental Packages

The resort offers 2 rental shops and experienced staff ready with knowledgeable advice about what would be best suited for each customer’s individual style or ability level while renting skis/snowboards.

In addition to rental packages available for multi-day trips, they also offer alpine skiing equipment if you are looking into backcountry skiing adventures! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing


They have a snow tubing park with multiple lanes for all your speed needs. They also give you the opportunity to ice skate, so grab some friends and head on over!

If you need a break from the slopes, there’s plenty to do here. You can take in views of things on top of the mountain with their Snowcat Excursion or race down the hill at Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster – which is for 2 people and provides that thrill-seeking experience we all love.

Other Activities

You can get away from the snow and enjoy their indoor golf, an on-site pool house with a sauna and a racquetball court. You can also take Zumba or yoga classes for some full-body workout that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed afterwards!

The dining hall is the perfect spot for a quick meal during your busy day. It includes options from grab and go-to casual dining, all with restaurant-quality taste!

My Thoughts on Okemo Mountain Resort

This resort offers a variety of trails that are well-groomed enough for families to enjoy skiing. There is something for everyone, and guests love the different settings, which provide endless options for skiing or snowboarding. You’ll never get bored skiing these long, scenic slopes!

#2. Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton is a ski village in Vermont that has hosted numerous World Cup races and is the birthplace of snowboarding. The location was called “pristine terrain” by Ski Magazine when referring to Stratton Mountain Resort as one of the best spots for skiing or boarding throughout all of Southern Vermont.

Green Trails for Beginners

If you’re a beginner or just want some more downtime after all the rigorous skiing, there are plenty of trails that will suit your needs, with 38 trails for novice skiers looking for an easy slope.

Magic Carpet Lifts

You can ski or snowboard down the mountain from 11 different lifts, including a summit gondola that takes riders to the top, where they can see Vermont from high up. They have one magic carpet lift for beginners.

Training Packages

Stratton is the perfect destination for those looking to improve their skill set with an extensive 55-year history. They offer courses geared towards all skill levels and will take your reservation ahead of time, so be sure not to miss out on this opportunity! Visit their website for the latest pricing.

Kids training starting at age 3. The kids will explore all that it has to offer. Their staff is working hard at each task while having fun! There are many age groups and programs for any schedule or budget—make sure you book early since their classes fill up fast.

Group lessons are designed to cater to the needs of all participants of age 13 and up. The mountain instructors assess each skier’s skill and age level, then lead them on a fun-filled day exploring every corner of this beautiful location.

Private sessions will give you personalized attention from start to finish. You also have the option to form a private group of 4 to learn together.

The whole family can enjoy a day of skiing, but no one should go without the option of child care. The ski resort offers services from 6 weeks to 5 years old, and they are right across the slopes! Kids 3 or older have an opportunity to add on a trial session after their drop off.

Rental Packages

If you’re going to hit the slopes this winter, check out their extensive selection of snow and ski rentals. It’s super easy! Just call them a day before your trip with what gear is right for you, and they will have it ready when you arrive. They also offer accessible equipment switches so that you can exchange at no extra cost, no matter how much time you spend on skis or boards. Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

The Coca Cola Tube Park is a pit stop for weary tubing enthusiasts looking to get refreshed. The park includes 4 different tracks, which can be accessed by lift service. In addition to the snowy slopes and chilly air, visitors are treated with warming huts stocked full of refreshments as they make their way down each slope!

Other Activities

The Village of Stratton Mountain Resort is the ultimate getaway for those who want to enjoy both outdoor adventure and an upscale shopping experience. The fitness centre offers a wide selection of activities, including indoor tennis courts and pool and spa treatments like massages or saunas. And if you’re looking for nightlife fun after dinner with friends at one of many eateries in town, take your pick from live music venues that feature everything from jazz concerts to rock bands!

My Thoughts on Stratton Mountain Resort

Stratton is not your average ski resort. With its quality terrain, fast lifts, and entertainment options galore – this place has it all!

#3. Killington Ski Resort

Unlike the other resorts on this list, Killington is vast, with 7 different ski areas and 6 terrain parks for snowboarding. The Beast Mountain Coaster will take you to the top of their tallest peak by a chairlift. In addition, there are lodging options in The Beast Mountain Village or nearby Ludlow, Vermont, that will make any ski bum’s dreams come true!

Green Trails for Beginners

The resort has 28 green trails for novice skiers. For better beginner conditions, they recommend the Snowshed area as a starting base from which beginner snowboarders can get their bearings and learn some of the basics before they head out on more advanced courses.

Magic Carpet Lifts

When you are in the snow, needless to say, that it can be hard to find your way around. However, there is no need to worry when at Killington Ski Resort because, with their mountain ambassadors and 20 lifts available on-site, they have planned for any type of guest needs!

Alongside these different transportation options, which will get guests from one area or place to another without a hassle- three magical carpet lifts await those looking for some fun learning time alongside bunny slopes.

Training Packages

Killington offers something that no other resort does – a wide selection of different ratings, which means there’s plenty of options available depending on where an individual might be in terms of skill level as well as preference. Whether you’re seeking lessons or just want some pointers from professional instructors about new techniques, they provide pieces of training for all skill levels. Visit their website for the latest pricing.

Skiing is a lifelong sport, and Killington offers training programs for children. The youngest starting age at the hill is 4 years old. To keep each group small, they form a group of 3 or 5 kids so that skiing can be fun! Classes focus on building confidence while also developing skills to last throughout their lives as skiers.

For skiers of all skill levels, group lessons at Killington Ski Resort are a great way to learn the sport. There is something for everyone from beginner level programs up through competitive skiing skills.

For those who want to hone their ski techniques and improve performance, you can choose between 8 different options, including adult-only or teenage 16+ classes and various difficulty levels of instruction that vary in teaching technique according to your desired outcome. Whether it’s carving turns on steep slopes or racing down moguls effortlessly without holding back any energy reserves!

Private lessons are available for children of 2 years old and up. They can be customized to the specific needs, skillsets, interests of your little one(s).

Private family lessons will provide personalized instruction from experienced instructors that are helpful even if it’s not an activity with which a whole group is involved.

If you’re looking to get better at a particular skill or want some more individualized attention, private sessions might be just the thing for you!

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll be begging you to take them on the slopes this winter. That means now is a great time to get all of their gear in order and find out where they can learn how best to tackle those white-capped mountains! The Killington Ski Resort offer lessons for children as young as two years old with their Trial Lesson program – to bring along your little ones from 12 weeks up until age twelve.

Rental Packages

They have been in business for over 30 years and offer the largest selection of gear to rent. They also give a 20% rental discount for customers who purchase lift tickets, plus overnight free storage! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

snow tubing

They have a multi-lane snow tubing area that can be accessed through a lift. Killington offers a wide variety of activities for all types, from skiing to snowshoeing. The Beast Mountain Coaster is by far the most intense activity they offer- with 4,800 feet and 360-degree corkscrews; you’ll never be bored! There are options if this sounds too scary as well; try snowmobiling on one of their many trails or scenic gondola rides that can give some spectacular views.

Other Activities

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like winding down in one of their many spa facilities. They have facial and massage services available on-site, as well as tons more to explore! One that you might not expect is Pico Sports Centre which has an indoor pool for swimming or just lazing around by the deep jacuzzi with your friends while interacting with live musicians performing nearby.

There are also classes such as Yoga & Zumba offered at different times every week so check out what suits you best today!

My Thoughts on Killington Ski Resort

The people of the area are lucky to have so many winter activities. Not only is skiing top-notch, but nightlife options don’t disappoint either. Whether you want a family vacation or more adult time with friends and loved ones, this destination has something for everyone!