Top 3 Ski Resorts in New York for Beginners – Comparison

New York is not just about the hustle and bustle of city life. It may come as a surprise to you that It has more ski mountains than any other state in America, which means that there are multiple options for every snow lover out there, no matter what their skill level! So if you’re looking to escape city life or want some snowy fun this winter season, check out these three best ski resorts in New York that are suitable for beginners.

ski resorts in new york

Resort Location

Beginner's Trails


Snow Tubing

Mount Peter

5 Trails

  • 5 Lifts

  • 1 Magic Carpet


Whiteface Mountain

18 Trails

  • 11 Lifts

  • 1 Magic Carpet


(Bobsled Racing Available)

Windham Mountain

11 Trails

  • 11 Lifts

  • 4 Magic Carpets


#1. Mount Peter Ski Resort

Mount Peter is the perfect family destination for beginners. They offer free ski school, a terrain park with features catering to all abilities and great grooming conditions that make skiing safe and enjoyable. Located just an hour outside of New York City in Warwick, this resort has something for every level skier or snowboarder!

Green Trails for Beginners

The 5 beginner trails are set up for snowmaking to ensure a delightful experience.

Magic Carpet Lifts

Mount Peter offers a variety of terrain for skiers, with one beginner-friendly magic carpet lifts to help you get your feet wet.

magic carpet lift

Training Packages

Mount Peter is famous for its free beginner lessons. Their goal is to turn you into a lifetime skier. They offer private lessons as well for those who are looking for 1-on-1 support from the pros!

They also have an adult ski camp at Mount Peter, which will teach adults how to snowboard or improve their skills; there’s no better way than learning in one of the most beautiful mountains with people just like yourself that want to learn too.

Their Pete’s Pals camp is for toddlers (ages 4 & under). This program teaches kids about winter play while introducing them to skiing – it doesn’t get any cuter!

Visit their website for the latest pricing.

Rental Packages

Mount Peter is the one place to stop and find all your ski rental needs. You can rent everything you need for a day on the slopes, including skis, poles, boots, helmets—they have it here!

Snow Tubing

snow tubing

It’s wintertime, which means it is the perfect time to enjoy some snow tubing. Meet the newest addition to Mount Peter’s snow park, a tubing hill that is not only fast and long but also offers both an easy way back up with its conveyor slope. They also have a designated Tubing Area for little ones.

Other Activities

I had a blast at the activities here, but it’s difficult to stay for long. There are no on-site lodging options, so I was left with nearby hotels, which all have their pros and cons.

The food is interesting too – some of my favorites were in one lodge while others could be found around an outside grill or near the pub that also served great drinks!

My Thoughts on Mount Peter Ski Resort

If you’re looking for a quieter environment to learn the art of skiing this winter, the small crowds at Mount Peter will let you enjoy learning how to ski without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. They offer free beginner lessons with an instructor on hand. You’ll want to take advantage of this.

With slopes that cater well for beginners as well as highly experienced skiers alike, there is something for every skill level – all while still maintaining a laid-back atmosphere.

#2. Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort

whiteface mountain

Whiteface Mountain is one of the High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains, a perfect place for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. They hosted what many people would say was a successful Olympics event back in 1980 – from their great vertical snow to long intermediate runs for beginners; don’t let any part intimidate your beginner skills!

Located within New York’s beautiful and expansive State Forest Preserve System is one more hidden gem: With its amazing facilities, including an Olympic-sized alpine center and miles upon miles worth of expertly groomed trails.

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort, poised high on top at 4,200 feet elevation, offers skiing enthusiasts an experience unlike anything else nearby (except maybe Vermont).

Green Trails for Beginners

The 18 beginner trails at the ski resort make for a great way to explore and learn about skiing. They are perfect if you’re looking for something that’s not too advanced or challenging but will still offer enough of an experience so that you can get out there on some quality slopes!

Magic Carpet Lifts

Whiteface Mountain offers many different options to enjoy an afternoon of skiing with friends or family without crossing paths with more experienced skiers.

They have one designated “magic carpet” area, aptly named the Bear Den Mountain Zone, which provides beginners access to slopes, perfect for novice skiers while still keeping their distance from intermediate-level sections like Rogi’s Run. Where you’ll find some challenging runs but all on gentle grades, so even people new to winter sports can give it a try as well!

There will be two quick lift rides available too, giving guests plenty of varied terrain choices.

Training Packages

If you’re looking for some downhill excitement, try learning to ski from the experts with their Parallel From The Start program. It’s designed specifically for beginners and guarantees that by day 3 of your class package, you’ll make it all the way up to the mountain.

ski training

Their Ski Camps offer age-appropriate lessons tailored for the age group between 1 to 14. They also have private lesson packages available if classes aren’t enough or don’t fit your needs.

Visit their website for the latest pricing.

Rental Packages

Whiteface Mountain offers a vast selection of ski rentals so you can gear up for your winter adventure. Whether it’s snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, they have the perfect tools to make sure that every member of your family has their own equipment at hand. 

With over 1,200 pairs of ski gear available from all leading brands like Smith Optics and Oakley Headwear – Whiteface is guaranteed to be one of the best resorts around and meet whatever need may arise during any trip into nature with friends or loved ones.

Snow Tubing

snow tube in ski resort

They don’t have a snow tubing facility at whiteface mountain. But they have something else; a bobsled race may be for you! The Olympic track offers an exhilarating experience that will put a smile on even the grumpiest of faces.

Other Activities

If you’re looking for both adventure and accommodations on-site, White Face mountain offers many attractions but not lodging of any kind – which means that visitors will need to stay at one of the nearby hotels or resorts (most offer some sort of amenities).

On-site activities are focused around their Olympic ties as well:

  • Lake Placid Olympic museum
  • Olympic jumping complex tour
  • Bobsled Race
  • Ice skating at Olympic Center

You can also enjoy the gondola ride that will take you to the mountain top for amazing views.

To satisfy your appetite, there’s a market with grab and go items, the waffle house on-site, 2 cafes (with coffee!), 1 bistro restaurant to eat upscale meals at night time. There are also pub-type foods if that is what your hungry heart desires.

The most incredible part of this resort? The warming lodge halfway down the mountain- With tasty treats all around!

You won’t want to miss out on what this great mountain by Lake Placid has waiting for you!

My Thoughts on Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort

It’s a great place to have fun. The gondola ride is a perfect way of exploring the mountain top, with amazing views of the surrounding area.

There are plenty of inexpensive places in town where you can eat or shop for souvenirs on your way down from this adventure-filled vacation spot!

#3. Windham Mountain Ski Resort

Located in the Catskills, Windham Mountain Resort has 285 skiable acres, spanning two mountains, with 97% of its trails having snowmaking capabilities. Whether you are looking for a long weekend or something more adventurous like heli-skiing, there is never any shortage to do at this full-service destination!

Green Trails for Beginners

There is 1 trail out of 11 for the ultimate beginners. This is a great place to start as it has plenty of space for you to move around and test your skills without worrying about making too many mistakes!

Magic Carpet Lifts

ski magic lift

There are four designated areas for beginners to practice their skills on magic carpets. These spots can be found near the lodge, and they provide a safe environment for those learning how to ski.

Training Packages

Windham Mountain strives to make the learning process simpler and more accessible by providing various programs for all skill levels.

The Beginner Package comes with brand new gear on day three (it could be a snowboard or a ski). They also offer long group lessons or private one-on-one sessions.

Windham has an option that will work best for you regardless of your age or ability level.

Visit their website for the latest pricing.

Rental Packages

The resort’s on-site rental shop is stocked with all sorts of gear: skis (different lengths), bindings, helmets too–you name it. If you want to avoid the long waiting time at the counter, simply buy all your equipment before heading over there! 

After gearing up, you’ll be ready for some serious downhill carving at this winter wonderland.

You can check out their latest pricing here.

Snow Tubing

The Windham Mountain Adventure Park has a plethora of winter activities for all ages to enjoy. There are 6 lanes of snow tubing and a conveyor lift just in case you don’t want the hike up and down from one level to another or if your children are too small – they can be pulled on their sleds right back into the tubes!

Or try out ice skating with professional instructors available throughout most times during day or night, as well as kids’ snowmobiles that teach them how to control these vehicles without mom’s help by running errands around an enclosed track.

Other Activities

There is a movie theater that plays multiple shows. The fitness center includes a weight room for your convenience. In the evening, check out Rock’n Mexicana restaurant and bar, where you can enjoy signature margaritas or tequila tasting! 

There are also 10 dining options in all, including a waffle house serving breakfast any time of day, plus a coffee shop providing an extensive list of coffees from around the world.

My Thoughts on Windham Mountain Ski Resort

So, if you’re looking for the perfect place to take your lifelong ski partner and share a family-friendly experience together this winter – head over to Windham; you’ll be able to enjoy all of their updated amenities like an indoor waterpark; while waiting for those pesky snow days!

Windham is an amazing ski resort that has many people coming year after year. They are known for their snow machines, which can produce fresh powder any time of the day or night. This makes Windham perfect all winter long and great for beginners as well!