10 Best Foods for Skiing and Snowboarding

Winter is a prime time for skiing and snowboarding in the mountains, which means it’s also a great season to enjoy delicious comfort food! If you’re hitting up the slopes this winter (or just daydreaming about getting out of town), here are some tips on what to eat while enjoying your snowy experience.

The first thing every morning should be Breakfast so that you can start with enough energy from nutritious foods like eggs or oatmeal. When lunchtime rolls around, plan ahead by packing healthy snacks such as fruit cups or nuts – these will give you an extra boost when hunger strikes again later in the afternoon during your ski trip.

What are the best foods to eat for Breakfast before you hit the slopes?

breakfast for skiing

#1. Whole Grain Cereal, Milk, and Fruit


There is a cereal and milk duo that will provide you with 10 nutrients, including fiber, calcium, vitamin D. If possible, adding fresh fruit to the mix helps hydration in this time of year when it can be easy for people to forget how important water intake is due to cold weathers effects on our bodies.

Keeping hydrated can be difficult during fall; it can be easy for people to forget how important water intake is due to cold weather’s effects on our bodies. But adding fresh fruit like bananas helps your body get more antioxidants which are key to fighting off colds this time of year!

#2. Eggs and Oatmeal 


For a filling breakfast, try eggs with oatmeal or hot cereal and blueberries. Earnest Eats Hot Cereal is my top choice for these breakfasts because it’s made of whole grains that will give you the energy to keep going all day long! For an extra boost in protein, I recommend topping your morning meal off with cottage cheese and fresh berries on top of a half-a-wheat English muffin.

#3. Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats

Nighttime oats are a delicious, filling, and healthy way to prepare for the next day. Have you ever tried them? They’re perfect if your stomach is growling before bed or when there’s no time for Breakfast in the morning! Cover one-fourth cup raw rolled oats with a half cup of unsweetened almond milk; let it soak while you sleep, then refrigerate overnight (or longer) until creamy. Add spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, which provide antioxidants and toppings such as nuts or seeds that contain omega 3s and some fruit topping–natural sweetness at its finest!

Best lunch recommendations during winter activities

lunch for skiing and snowboarding

#4. Toast And Guac

Toast And Guac

One easy go-to meal when in a hurry is some whole-grain toast topped off with 3 oz of grilled meat like chicken or steak alongside veggies such as tomato slices & onion rings, which offer both carbs & proteins needed by our bodies throughout any sports activity, especially if done early mornings due to losses incurred during these types activities.

#5. Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon

In order to avoid feeling tired or sluggish, it’s important that you eat a meal with high-quality protein and carbohydrates. One option is grilled salmon paired with half of a cup of rice or potatoes alongside some veggies for flavor – this will keep your energy levels up when the afternoon starts winding down!

#6. Sides

If you want to keep your energy levels up while snowboarding, swap out fries or coleslaw for a baked sweet potato with steamed vegetables. This will give you the extra vitamins and minerals that remain after hours of play on the slopes!

Snacks to eat on a cold day


#7. Almond Butter Packet

Almond Butter Packet

When you’re out on the slopes, it’s important to keep your energy levels high enough. This is where almond butter packets come in handy as they will provide enough nutrients without taking up much room or weighing down your pack with heavy foods. The carbs are useful for providing quick fuel while the protein helps rebuild muscles after long hours of skiing every day all week; this way, by dinnertime, there won’t be any soreness in sight!

#8. Jerky


A new trend in food, jerky is a popular choice for anyone looking to expand their horizons when it comes to snacking. It provides 9 grams of protein and can help promote weight loss due to the tryptophan levels found inside (which also promotes sleep). Jerky has been around since ancient times but only recently come back into popularity.

Best night foods after a skiing day

night food for skiing

#9. Salmon and Veggies

For those looking for a tasty and healthy dinner, there’s nothing more satisfying than salmon with half of an avocado or other vegetables. A small filet of wild-caught salmon served with some quinoa (half cup) and ½ sweet potato OR 2 cups vegetables like steamed broccoli and kale side dishes. With the right preparation skills, this dish can be very simple to make! Forget about those sauces that are almost always full of unnecessary calories—especially because they make bloating more likely!

#10. Black Bean Soup

Black Bean Soup

For a healthy post-ski meal, try one cup of black bean soup topped with refreshing salsa and half an avocado. This will give you the fuel that your body needs to replace what was lost skiing all day long, as well as repairing any muscle tissue damage incurred while on the slopes. Plus, these food choices provide essential fatty acids for better physical performance!


hyderate while skiing

Staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, but it’s especially crucial when you’re skiing hard. When we work out, the body sweats, which means that our water intake needs to be higher than normal in order to stay adequately hydrated.

It also doesn’t matter what time of year or how cold it may seem outside – your body will still dehydrate at a much greater rate, and without enough fluids, there can result in health complications such as dizziness and headaches!

To avoid these problems, make sure you are drinking plenty of clean water (or tea), sticking with fresh fruits rather than fruit juice for some potassium and electrolytes, avoiding caffeine when possible because excessive amounts lead to dehydration even further- limiting artificial sweeteners like sucralose too.