Top 5 Best Women’s Base Layers For Skiing & Snowboarding

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As someone who loves the outdoors, I know it can be really difficult to dress for a cold day. That’s why we’ve done some research and testing on what items will keep you warm in any situation!

Base layers are a must-have for any outdoor activity. Whether it’s skiing down slopes or just walking your dog on an exceptionally cold day, quality base layers can determine whether you feel warm and cozy or have hypothermia symptoms from being too cold.

best women's base layers for skiing

To get the best women base layers, you need to consider how much money you are willing to spend and what kind of material will be most suitable for your needs.

Wool is a popular choice among winter athletes because it has qualities that make up for its higher price tag:

An insulating factor that can’t easily be replicated by other fabrics (that’s why they’re so well suited as insulation against extreme cold)

Natural temperature regulation without sweat build-up or discomfort on sensitive skin areas such as armpits.

A layering system is key when skiing or snowboarding, as one item could make all the difference between a good day or bad. We’ve spent hours researching different pieces of clothing that are perfect for your outdoor adventures, so check out our list below.




First Lite Women's Kiln Hoody

  • 95% Merino / 5% Spandex

  • Ergonomic, Quarter Zip Hood

  • Machine Wash, Line Dry

Thermal Underwear Base Layer

  • Made of Ultra-Soft Polyester

  • Breathable Fabric

  • Four-Way Stretch

 Kari Traa Half Zip Base Layer

  • Classy, Feminine Design

  • Soft and Breathable

  • 100% Wool Fibers

Best Women’s Base Layers For Skiing & Snowboarding

#1. Best Hoodie Option: First Lite Women’s Kiln Hoody

  • 95% Merino / 5% Spandex

  • Ergonomic, Quarter Zip Hood

  • Machine Wash, Line Dry

Hoodies are a wardrobe staple for some. If you’re worn out on the brand, consider these five reasons to love hoodies again:

  • First of all, they offer an extra layer without adding bulk or hindering mobility, as most sweaters do.
  • Secondly, this is one I never thought about before – it offers protection from glare if your job requires outdoor work!
  • Thirdly, they make excellent choices in cold weather; whether you want something lightweight with minimal insulation (think fleece) and heavier weight options that provide warmth just beneath the surface level.
  • Fourth reason? They can be layered under other jackets and paired up with knit hats, so no matter how bad winter gets, there’s always room for style!

It’s amazing how long this thing lasts with fewer washes because, even if you get wet in your down jacket or raincoat on a cold day, merino still retains heat like nothing else!

If I were caught walking outside of work sporting my Kiln Hoody, people would likely think that I just bought myself a new coat. The reason is that merinos are dirt-resistant, making them last longer than synthetic fabrics, which require more frequent dry cleaning–and who has money these days?

#2. Best Budget Option: Thermal Underwear Base Layer Set

  • Made of Ultra-Soft Polyester

  • Breathable Fabric

  • Four-Way Stretch

I knew I needed to find a cheaper way of staying warm while skiing, so when I found this base layer set on Amazon Prime that was reviewed 6000+ times and had an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, it seemed like the perfect purchase for my budget!

From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, you’ll be comfortable all day with this ultra-soft polyester base layer. Since you’ll only need this a few times a year, this is an excellent choice. The price tag makes it even more appealing! 

#3. Kari Traa Women’s Half Zip Base Layer Top

  • Classy, Feminine Design

  • Soft and Breathable

  • 100% Wool Fibers

Kari Traa’s base layers offer a fun and feminine design that will look good on anyone. One of the most popular items is their 100% merino half-zip which offers an athletic feel with its stylish Nordic patterns while also keeping your body warm during those chilly ski days. Designed by Olympic skier Kari Traa herself, these clothes are perfect for any lady who loves to be active in style and function!

The next time you find yourself out on the slopes, don’t forget to pack this stylish layer. Not only does it perform well with hard shells and jackets alike-the zipper never digs in like some other brands do-, and it’s got a sleek style that will keep you warm while skiing or snowboarding.

#4. 32Degrees Women’s Heat Scoop Neck Thermal Top

  • Heat Retention

  • Soft Hand Feel

  • Machine Wash

This thin base layer is a perfect option for women who want to add warmth without adding bulk. It’s designed to keep you warm and dry while giving your body the freedom it needs.

The soft, stretchy fabric of this shirt ensures that your torso is fully covered and free from chafing. The longer cut means you can enjoy the snow without feeling like it’s exposing your skin to cold air or harmful UV rays. Plus, there will be no discomfort with a snug fit around arms and armpits when out on the slopes!

#5. ColdPruf Women’s Quest Performance Base Layer

  • 85% Polyester, 15% Spandex

  • Moisture Wicking Fabric

  • Athletic Fit

You’ll never have to deal with your undershirt riding up again, thanks to the ingenious drop tail. The thumb holes are a lifesaver when it comes time for full-body coverage, and this base layer is so easy to put on that you can get dressed in no time at all!

The best thing about this top is that it’s designed to stay in place without bunching up or becoming too tight. It does an excellent job keeping the body warm.

The perfect layering companion for any woman on a budget, this shirt was cut considering how women’s bodies move not just during exercise but throughout their everyday lives. The sleek design fits securely, so there are no gaps where cold air can sneak through while staying comfortable enough for all your day-to-day activities.

Buying Guide to Choose the Right Base Layer

Base layers are tricky. With so many options to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? And what’s the best way to use them effectively? The following guide will make choosing a base layer for any occasion easy.

The Base Layer Fabric

The best fabric for your base layer will come down to two options: synthetic or wool.

For most people, synthetics are a better option because they’re durable and don’t have any odor-fighting issues. However, if you do lots of outdoor activities where temperature regulation is important (think wet and dry climates), then merino might be more appropriate as it wicks well too.

However, silk is not very durable, washing can sometimes take away its natural warmth, so this may work better on top rather than underneath clothing layers.

The best base layers are often a mix of polyester and wool or elastane with polyester.

Majority of the items that we listed above consist of wool/synthetic mixed (or even just 100% wool). While there is no one right material to choose from, you must find what works for you, so consider your needs when making your selection!

If you’re a person who is always cold, then heavy base layers are the best choice for you. For those who only need base layers during intense activities or to backcountry ski, choose lightweight fabric options.

The Right Way to Use Base Layers

Base layers are designed to work as an inner layer. Wear a base layer, and you’re giving your body insulation, temperature control — all without adding bulk!

If you wear cotton under your base layer, it will negate the purpose of its protective nature. Everyone has their preference when it comes to wearing the bottom half of one’s base layer. Some people prefer long underwear that can be worn in various ways, while others may desire form-fitting or sweat-wicking bottoms.

Regardless if you are looking for something loose and comfy with lots of room in which to move around freely, tight and snug or just want an alluring feeling on skin contact without anything at all showing through clothing, Base Layer Tops have got what you’re after!

For girls, bras are often necessary. So, find yourself an athletic bra that wicks and supports to help with sweat during intense activities such as skiing or snowboarding, and let the base layers do their part!