Top 7 Best Snowboard & Ski Lock in 2022

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best snowboard and ski lock

Once you have purchased a shiny, luxurious snowboard, it is bound to attract the attention of fellow human beings. But the problem comes when your shiny gear comes into the eyes of a thief. A simple solution for this is using the best Snowboard and Ski Lock.

However, are you tired of wrapping your wire around the bindings and around the rack you store your Ski on? Or does it feel when you thread the cable around and through the racks painstakingly with your frozen fingers? Then, at last, it’s your chance to give Ski and Snowboard a try. Alternatively, Snowboard and Ski lock is an excellent idea because it just takes a moment to safeguard your journey. 

Snowboard and Ski lock are an easy way for cheap protection of your costly gears. The Best Ski locks offer simple winding mechanisms, are lightweight, easy to store, and sturdy. It is an excellent deterrent for opportunistic thieves looking for chances to steal and ruin your adventure. It can give you absolute peace of mind while grabbing some hot drink from the cafeteria after multiple runs. All you need is a flawless lock. So, how to pick up the best, convenient lock?

We have reviewed the 7 best Ski locks for snowboards and Skis that can offer maximum protection for you. Think of it as overnight security or as a bad day-saver. We have compiled a list of the best Snowboard and Ski Lock you can buy in 2022.

Our Top Picks for The Best Ski Lock

#1. Safe Man Multifunctional Ski Lock 

  • Only 129 grams and very compact

  • Two loops gives a variety of locking options

  • 100% rustproof, length (0-30 inches)

Of the 7 Ski Locks we evaluated, the Safe Man Multifunctional Lock came out on top for us as the clear winner. 

The Safe man Snowboard and Ski Lock is equipped with a wide range of convenient locking options. To begin with, it is and lightweight, meaning that it weighs only 129 grams. To put it another way, this stainless steel cable lock for snowboarding and skiing occupies a tensile strength of 2,640 pounds. Because of this, you will be able to enjoy your thrilling skiing or snowboarding adventure.

Maybe the length is a more important factor for you, the Safe Man lock offers up to 30 inches cable length. This ski lock is the expert’s choice.

safeman ski lock cable lock for snowboard

Skis, boards, motorcycles, and a thousand more objects are all safe in SAFEMAN’s hands. Handling and design have been updated for the 2.0 version. Innovative design and a patented two-loop closing mechanism with an ingeniously simple principle: enter the rope, tighten, and be ready!

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SAFEMAN is an automated lock, you will need the keys for unlocking only. The lock body contains a plastic-coated steel cable that can be rolled up and put in a jacket pocket or a backpack. With a cable diameter of 4 mm and a variety of functions, this lock is both light and easy to use.

#2. Ski & Snowboard Lock – Family 3 Pack (Keyed Alike)

  • Includes 3 Locks Keyed Alike

  • Most Trusted Locking System

  • Lifetime Warranty

The Family 3 Pack Ski and Snowboarding Lock is a more convenient option to go with if you plan a family vacation on a ski resort. It has a lifetime warranty. The most noticeable feature of this Ski Lock is that it can not be cut off like a cable.  It is also financially a secure deal.

Ski & Snowboard Lock - Family 3 Pack

It is ideal for families or groups. Since it comes with a 3 lock packing, you will get the best value for the money. Most ski resorts have safety racks. So, sit back and let the lock protect your equipment.

#3. Ski and Snowboard-Fat Ski Lock

  • Fast, Easy,and Convenient Way To Lock

  • Comes with 2 Keys per lock

  • Can Not Be Cut Off Like a Cable Lock

First and foremost, on our list for its adaptability is the Ski and Snowboard-Fat Ski lock. It is a brand of Ski Key reputable for its convenient, safeguard performance. It is fast, easy to lock all of the sports equipment in the snow. This shows the meaning that the Ski and Snowboard-Fat Ski Lock doesn’t cause trouble to use with your freezing hands.

Who doesn’t want a lifetime warranty? This Ski and Snowboard Lock comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition to this, or to better say, a cherry on top of all the cream cake, is that this Ski and Snowboard lock comes with two keys per lock. The more, the merrier.

You wouldn’t have to worry now about the missing key. Trust me when I say that it is a key lock recommended by Ski and Snowboard Resorts everywhere. Now, tell me, with all these features and benefits, who wouldn’t want such a convenient Lock to protect their expensive equipment meaning Ski and snowboard. 

Have you noticed how kids are so choosy about colors? Like, when are getting or buying something, they would always love to be in their favorite color. No doubt, sometimes it can happen in adults too. But, when it comes to this Ski Lock, it has five different colors available. These are blue, green, orange, red, or yellow. So, no more hesitance about colors.

Lastly, another beneficial factor you get from this Ski and Snowboard Product is the financial one. The price for this lock is so low, making it an affordable item on your list. With all that mentioned, It is entirely worth your money. The rest is your choice.

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  • Fast, easy, and convenient protection for your gear
  • Five different colors are available
  • Safer and suitable to use as compared to the cable lock
  • No complicated wire mechanism

#4. Docks Lock Anti-Theft Weatherproof Straight Security Cable Lock

  • Versatile security. Secure a variety of items

  • Unique design

  • Weatherproof materials

We have found out from the Dock Locks Store for you an anti-theft weatherproof straight security cable with resettable combination lock (5′, 10′, 15′, 20′ or 25′). Sounds promising, right? But, there are so much more benefits of it. Among the top is its unique design, which is probably unlike the majority of security cables. This allows it to pass through most narrow spaces. You should note that it is an excellent product for locking the equipment with no big wheels.

For maximum corrosion resistance, this is benefited with marine grade stainless steel cable. Furthermore, it is vinyl coated providing maximum protection to the secured item. Hence, these weatherproof materials are a good-to-go benefit. 

Here, I might add that are you the type of person who always forgets his keys or wallet while going to the office? Then, this distinctive quality of the cable lock is for you. And, that is, it’s easy to use mechanism. The Dock Locks Anti-theft weatherproof straight security Cable for skiing or skateboarding offers keyless convenience. What’s more interesting is that you can choose your four-digit code with the resettable combination lock.

Anti-Theft snowboard and ski lock

The weatherproof materials of this cable lock also Increase strength and cut resistance security. Moreover, it has seven strands of steel braided together. From here, you can get an idea about its robust strength and flexibility.

You can have a variety of options about cable type and lock type. The cable type is coiled and straight so that you can choose up to your needs. The lock type is a combination or key lock, so it goes to your choice. But, I would prefer a combination lock, and you know the reason, which is maximum security.

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  • All-round security for your expensive gear
  • Water-proof materials that are stainless steel and vinyl 
  • Easy to use the mechanism
  • Heavy duty and fit well with all types

#5. Bell QuickZip Zip-Tie Multi-Purpose Combo Lock

  • 21 inches long with a 4mm wide steel core

  • Resettable combination

  • Connectable; Use separately or together

This Multi-Purpose Combo Lock from the brand BELL is a good option you can consider while searching for the best Ski locks for skiing or skateboarding. It is lightweight, i.e., 0.23 kilograms. One great feature that I love about it is the two-lock component of it. 

The Bell Quick Zip tie is listed as an Amazon Choice. So, it is indeed worthy of a try. Most of the reviewers liked it for being a light-duty, theft deterrent. So, if the lock with the mentioned feature of excellent light duty is in your requirement, you are good to go.

The Bell Quick Zip Multi flexible Combo lock for skiing and snowboarding is renowned for flexibility and durability. These locks are strong with a steel core, so you don’t have to worry about breaking down or anything like that. You can use a 3-digit lock that you can make to unlock it. That said, it proves that these skiing and skateboarding locks are an excellent alternative to the heavy chain or something along the lines of this.

Bell QuickZip Zip-Tie ski lock

But, you need to beware of this in mind that the Bell Quick Zip tie locks can offer security for the time being, but for any serious security or an attack by complex tool, these locks may not be able to withstand it. It is although 21 inches long.

This Combo Lock for your Skiing and Snowboarding adventure has two varieties of colors. It is either present in black or red. It has a resettable combination. It can be used either separately or together as per your convenience.

The one thing that sets this lock different from the above-mentioned is its Multi-Use. You can use it for your bikes, car racks, luggage, skis, snowboards, and so much more. All in all, at an affordable price, this Bell Quick Zip is a highly functional multi-purpose tool. You may consider it as per your requirements.

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  • The control method is touch.
  • Adjustable Combination Lock
  • Multi-purpose and used both individually and collectively.

#6. Master Lock 8109D Compact Cable Lock for Skiing or Snowboarding

  • 4-foot x 5/16-inch self coiling steel cable

  • Integrated key locking mechanisms

  • Two keys included

Now, you must have started to wonder what feature is there in this compact cable lock for skiing and snowboarding that makes it stand out or distinguish from all the rest of the locks. The answer lies in the reviews that this master lock 8109D cable lock buyers gave after purchasing. The topmost most was the easy mechanism. You don’t have to fight or take all your energy out while unwinding this cable lock. 

It is neither tough to stretch. And, come to think of it, how awful will it feel to stretch with frozen fingers from your skiing or snowboarding ride just because you had to grab that hot drink in the lounge.

It comes with a protective coating that prevents any scratches. Moreover, it has maximum flexibility so that it can offer strong cut resistance. Another cherry on top of the cake for this master lock 8109D is lightweight, meaning it is only 0.7 pounds. So, no suffering for the extra weight. 

Furthermore, it has two keys included. I think of this in the way that if one goes missing, you still have the second one. It is available at a low price to cap it all, so there is no reason for you not to have this safety tool for your expensive gear. 

This master lock 8109D compact cable lock serves as a multi-purpose. It is ideal for snowboards and skiing but compatible with bicycles and other sports equipment. 

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  • Sturdy and flexible
  • Not hard to coil
  • It comes with two keys and a protective coating
  • Integrated Key-locking mechanism

#7. Schwinn Anti Theft Lock for Skiing and Snowboarding

  • 5 feet braided steel cable for strength

  • Weather resistant

  • Includes carrying bracket

When I first looked into this Anti-theft lock from Schwinn Store, I thought it to be an affordably priced and effective product. But, when I researched, I came to find that there is more to it. It comes with a protective vinyl cover that serves as a beneficial factor in providing weather resistance. 

Moreover, if you are worried about its ability to hold, you must know that it has a braided steel cable. This means that you no longer have to worry about strength as it offers maximum convenience. It comes with two keys, and as I say, I think of this in the way that if you lose one, you don’t have to panic as you still have the other one present.

Schwinn Anti Theft lock for skiing and snowbord

The most common question is that can any cable cutter cut the lock? The answer from customers’ reviews is NO. You can also easily reset the lock on the Schwinn combo lock, all thanks to its easy mechanism. So, it is definitely on your budget if it meets your requirements.

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  • Convenient to use
  • Lightweight
  • Braided steel cable
  • Includes two keys

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Ski Lock

We can understand your confusion and uncertainty now as you have seen and read all the distinctive features of our top-picked Ski and snowboard locks so that you can enjoy your Ski or snowboard experience at a maximum rate. But, what criteria do you use to determine the best as per your needs and requirements?

So, before you consider any lock your bad day-saver or it would be better to call fortune saver, you must have specific criteria that accurately fulfill your needs and requirements.

Here are some of the factors listed that are responsible for the maximum use.

Strength in structure

You don’t want the lock to collapse or break easily.

Easy Mechanism

Who wants to be troubled by any complex mechanism of how a ski lock works? A lock should be simple and easy to use.


We all want maximum benefits without spending too much. This is the same case for locks too.


A good lock is variable in length. Because only so it can offer the maximum benefit to the customer.


conclusion for ski and snowboard locks

It’s important to remember that what the term ‘best’ means to me may not represent the same to you. In addition to this, you may favor a particular Lock over one feature, and I may go on the other one. That is basic human nature because two minds never think the same. It is also possible that you may have a reasonable budget while I am concerned about the cost.

However, the Ski and Snowboard-Fat Ski Lock is the clear winner. It satisfies all the requirements. It is also a well-known brand. So, we can say it is a good deal for the quality you get. With that said, what’s stopping you from a high-quality lock to safeguard and protect your Ski or snowboard.