Top 3 Best Ski Resorts in Pennsylvania For Beginners

Pennsylvania may not be home to the Alps or Poconos, but 19 ski resorts within its borders offer some of the best beginner slopes in America. The mountains might not have epic steeps for Olympic-level skiing. Yet, they provide a perfect place and atmosphere for beginning skiers with limited experience – who can still enjoy an exciting challenge while improving their skills on these manageable runs.


Resort Location

Beginner's Trails


Snow Tubing

Camelback Resort

12 Trails

  • 14 Lifts

  • 4 Magic Carpet


Blue Mountain Resort

14 Trails

  • 16 Lifts

  • 7 Magic Carpet


Seven Springs Mountain Resort

13 Trails

  • 10 Lifts

  • No Magic Carpet


#1. Camelback Resort

Camelback Resort is a world-class destination for those looking to escape the winter. The resort boasts over 25 acres of outdoor activities, catering to any level and interest in skiing or other mountain sports. It’s also conveniently located just two hours from New York City!

Camelback Resort has been voted as one of North America’s top ski resorts by Travel & Leisure Magazine readers since 2008. Because it offers something for everyone who visits its slopes – no matter their skill level or interests; be that downhill skiing (the area’s most popular activity), cross country skiing on miles worth of groomed trails with breathtaking views at every turn.

Green Trails for Beginners

Camelback has 12 lighted trails for beginner snow skiers. Whether you’re a first-timer or have been skiing all your life, there’s something to keep everyone entertained at Camelback!

For night skiing, ensure you have the proper night skiing goggles.

Magic Carpet Lifts

Magic carpets are an excellent way for beginners to warm up without the fear of falling or being unable to get back on their feet. Camelback offers 4 magic carpet lifts, which provide ample space and time until you’re ready to tackle chairlifts.

Training Packages

Camelback Mountain Resort offers a world-class ski and snowboard instruction program. This year, they offer beginners’ lessons for adults in a group or private setting and children’s programs.

They provide half-day sessions (ages 4 – 12) with 90-minute lessons where students can get the hang of sliding downhill while still having enough time to explore other activities at Camelback. For little ones not ready yet for skiing or snowboarding but anxious about being left out altogether from their family trip, there is childcare available too! Visit their website for the latest rates.


Rental Packages

Camelback has a variety of equipment for all types and levels of skiing, from beginner to expert. They even have an area dedicated specifically for those who purchase Learn-to Ski or Snowboard packages.

The staff will take you through the process step by step on selecting gear best suited to your needs and adequately fitting it so that you can hit the slopes in style with one of their instructors! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

skiing selfie

Camelback Mountain Resort is now the first snow tubing park to offer a light show at night. This new addition proves that Camelback continues to be on top of their game when it comes to providing an innovative and fun experience for guests – with more than 40 lanes, you’ll never have trouble finding your way down the mountain!

Other Activities

When you’re done skiing, join the Appalachian Express, it’s all about skiing down some of North America’s best slopes. But before your day is over and it becomes time to head back home for dinner, zoom on an exhilarating downhill ride with their mountain coaster or race side-by-side along a zip line only feet away from each other!

When you’re finished conquering mountains up high in the sky, take a break at one of seven restaurants offering fantastic food options while enjoying live entertainment or catch some Zs in one of their spas, perfecting pampering services.

My Thoughts on Camelback Resort

The resort has so many activities to keep the family happy, like long green trails that are easy for everyone. The lodge is stunning and includes free snow tubing for those who stay there!

#2. Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain has been one of Pennsylvania’s most famous resorts since it opened in 1971. Not only does this area offer beginners some peace on their more accessible slopes, but they also have an abundance of more serious difficulties as well!

Green Trails for Beginners


Have you ever seen a skier or snowboarder glide effortlessly down the mountain with an air of elegance? Blue Mountain has everything for beginners with 14 green trails, two terrain parks, and more than 60 acres to explore.

The family-friendly resort features beginner slopes that are perfect if you’re getting your first taste at skiing while also giving experts plenty of space to practice what they’ve learned elsewhere around the country.

Magic Carpet Lifts

With 7 Magic Carpet Lifts at the Blue Mountain Resort, there is no need to master an old-fashioned chairlift just to get from one end of the resort’s bunny slope-side – over to the more challenging terrain on its other side. And if that wasn’t enough, they lowered ticket costs this year, so now it may actually make sense financially.

Training Packages

The Terrain-Based Learning Slopes is an excellent place for beginners to learn the basics of skiing. They offer drop-in group lessons that can accommodate any age, from 8 and up. Explorer programs are also set up in this area for kids ages 4 through 12 years old who want something different than traditional ski slopes or snowboard terrain parks but don’t know how they’ll stack up against advanced skiers yet, either!

Private lessons with instructors trained explicitly in teaching children as young as 3 are available here, too–all while you’re at it, why not make use of their fantastic child care? Visit their website for the latest rates.

Rental Packages

Blue Mountain offers the best rental equipment for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. If you don’t have your own gear, they will be happy to outfit you with a quality set right when you walk in the door!

Blue Mountain is one of those places that cater to everyone from beginners on up; we always recommend it first before any other resort because their staff is incredible at what they do–they make sure every customer has exactly what they need without ever making them feel like an inconvenience or bother. Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

snow tubing

The snow tubing park is a 1,000-foot long hill with 39 lanes where visitors of all ages can tube down and enjoy the view. There are 3 lifts to take you back up at any time with no hassle or work on your part!

Other Activities

With four restaurants and lounges as well as slope-side entertainment, there’s plenty of activities to do when you’re not skiing or snowboarding. If exploring for more adventures after dinner sounds like a good idea, head out from Blue Mountain into the scenic Pocono Mountains!

My Thoughts on Blue Mountain Resort

If you ever want to get away from the hustle and bustle of major metropolitan areas, then there’s no better place than Blue Mountain Resort. You’ll feel like you’re on top of the world as soon as your feet hit these mountains! If it is a family adventure that makes your heart sing, look no further; they have green trails for all levels so everyone can enjoy themselves while exploring this beautiful mountain side.

#3. Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Seven Springs is one of the best resorts in Pennsylvania. The resort offers 285 acres for skiing and snowboarding, which offer an almost infinite number of different variables to keep you entertained from day-to-day. Their terrain parks were ranked 4th by TransWorld SNOWBoarding and SKI magazine on their top East Coast Parks list in 2018!

Green Trails for Beginners

With a mountain covered in 33 slopes and 10 terrain parks, there are plenty of options for you to explore. If you’re just starting or skiing is more your thing than snowboarding, 13 slops will be perfect for beginners like yourself!

Magic Carpet Lifts

The magic carpet lift inside the snow tubing park is a great way to ride down for beginners. But for more experienced people who want some real adrenaline rush, there are chair lifts that allow you to take control and skim over the slopes of powdery white goodness!

Training Packages

Seven Springs is the perfect place for families to spend some time together in a fun and unique way. The SnowSports School has an impressive array of offerings, including children’s lessons, childcare services from walking age through 5 years old, and even a mini ski lesson option that will have your little ones skiing like pros!

This resort offers something new each day with diverse classes, ranging from beginners’ snowboarding or skiing sessions to more advanced freestyle programs just waiting for those daring enough! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Rental Packages

The resort offers high-performance skis tailored to beginners and will make it easier for them to keep their balance. Reserve your rentals online in advance if you want a good deal! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

snow tubes

Seven Springs is the ultimate snow tubing destination. The 11 lanes of snow tubing are serviced by a magic carpet lift to make your trip back up more accessible so that you can enjoy more time on the slopes. Nighttime offers another opportunity for an exhilarating experience with friends and family under glowing moonlight!

Other Activities

There’s so much to do here; you’ll never be bored. You can snowmobile (or sleigh ride), bowl, play mini-golf, or roller skate at the resort—splash in the indoor pool and hot tub for some relaxation after a long day of playing around.

There are more than twelve places where you can grab something tasty when hunger strikes – everything from burgers and fries up through extravagant salads made fresh by their gourmet chefs.

My Thoughts on Seven Springs Mountain Resort

Skiing enthusiasts worldwide come to Seven Springs for one of their many slopes and trails. Among these, some lifts can take you up or down mountains in a matter of seconds so that lines will be short as well. Whether you’re an experienced skier looking for new challenges with every run or just starting, they have something perfect just waiting for your arrival!