Top 3 Ski Resorts in WISCONSIN for Beginners – Comparison

Wisconsin is the ultimate skiing destination because it has one of the highest numbers of ski resorts in America. With an hour (or less) drive from any place in the state, there’s no excuse not to get out and enjoy what Wisconsin offers!

You don’t have to be an expert skier – there are slopes of all difficulties, and it’s just as easy to find beginner-friendly courses here in Wisconsin as advanced ones. There are also plenty of places you can go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, so if that’s your thing, then this state has got you covered!

Best Ski Resorts in WISCONSIN

Resort Location

Beginner's Trails


Snow Tubing

Cascade Mountain

18 Trails

  • 12 Lifts

  • 1 Magic Carpet


Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

8 Trails

  • 3 Lifts

  • 2 Magic Carpet


Wilmot Mountain

7 Trails

  • 7 Lifts

  • 4 Magic Carpet


#1. Cascade Mountain Ski Resort

Cascade Mountain is an excellent destination for beginners and families. They have been awarded the number one spot in both beginner-friendly and family-friendly awards by Liftopia. Their location just 15 minutes from Wisconsin Dells provides an excellent opportunity to spend time at this mountain before heading into town or out on nearby trails during non-skiing hours of the day. In addition to this distinction, they also offer packages with resorts near them, including lodging and access to slopes.

Green Trails for Beginners

The 18 green trails are separated into four easiest and fourteen more beginner-friendly. This provides a gradual way for beginners to explore the slopes of Cascade Mountain.

Magic Carpet Lifts

wisconsin ski resort magic carpet for skiing

Cascade Mountain resort has one magic carpet area. The beginner’s magic carpet area is a great way to try out your new skis before climbing up the mountain. This will make it much easier for beginners if they have any questions about their equipment or the layout of the neighboring slopes.

Training Packages

Cascade Mountain is a ski resort with lessons for adults, children, and private individuals. The lesson lasts 90 minutes or 3 hours, depending on the age group you fall into. Visit their website for the latest rates.

Rental Packages

Rent your equipment and experience a day of skiing on the slopes with other beginners. Regardless of whether you decide to rent for just one night or an entire day, their rental shop will equip you with ski gear designed specifically for newbies such as yourself! Plus, kids 12 years old and under get in free when a paying adult accompanies them. Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

snow tubing in ski resort

“You can’t go wrong with the snow tube. The resort has 900 feet long snow tubing area and you’ll be able to enjoy this ride time after time.”

Other Activities

Cascade Mountain provides the perfect ski vacation for those who want to focus on skiing and don’t need any distractions. When it comes time to eat, they offer two restaurants with outdoor seating (perfect when you’re not in the mood for sitting inside). The bar area also serves as an eatery offering simple but filling foods like sandwiches or soups, a coffee shop where people can grab quick bites between runs.

My Thoughts on Cascade Mountain

The newly-expanded portion of this resort has changed all that: with shorter queues at the prime time; easier slopes for those learning how to ski/snowboard or who struggle on beginner runs; plus a completely FREE kids’ program (one which is arguably among the finest around), there have never been more reasons than now to hit up Cascade Mountain Resort.

#2. Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Located just a short drive from Chicago or Milwaukee, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa is the perfect destination for skiing and snowboarding. They have expertise with snow-making machines to enhance ski conditions, so you never have to worry about not being able to enjoy skiing because of lack of snow!

Green Trails for Beginners

If you are looking for a good enough run to get your feet wet but easy enough so beginners can have the whole experience of running through nature, they have eight easy trails that are perfect for newbies.

Magic Carpet Lifts

In addition to its two magic carpet lifts, Grand Geneva has many attractions for all ages. One of their most recent additions was the Burton Riglet Park, a great place to spend time with your children and learn new skills like skiing or snowboarding!

Training Packages

ski training at wisconsin ski resort

Skiing is a fun way to spend time with your friends and family. At Snowy Peaks, Grand Geneva offers different types of lessons depending on the ages in each group! The age group sessions can be divided into three groups: 3-6, 6-14, and 7+ for adults.

Gather your friends and family members for a fun winter day of skiing lessons with the certified instructors at Grand Geneva Ski Resort. Visit their website for the latest rates.

Rental Packages

The snowy weather can limit your options, but Grand Geneva has all of the winter gear you need. This includes downhill skis and cross country ski rentals as well as snowshoes, ice skates (if it’s cold enough), and sleds to use for a day on the lake or in town! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Snow Tubing

kids snow tubing

Grand Geneva resort doesn’t have a snow tubing park. The sled riding area has a designated hill for the kids to enjoy hours of sliding, and they also have an ice skating rink so that you can skate on holiday traditions!

Other Activities

Are you looking for a place where there is always something to do? Grand Geneva has it all! With amenities like the WELL Spa + Salon, fitness center, and so much more, you will never run out of fun activities. If you need your hair done or want a relaxing massage after an active day of skiing on their slopes – they have what you are looking for at the hotel’s five restaurants and three bar areas.

My Thoughts on Grand Geneva resort 

A family resort in the mountains, this place has a ton of activities for all ages. The staff is friendly, and they’ll teach you to ski or take your kids on rides through their well-maintained property.

There are about six different things offered each day. The best part though? You don’t need any experience skiing before heading up into these hills because they are beginner-friendly and offer lessons every single day.

#3. Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort

Wilmot Mountain is an excellent ski resort for those in the Midwest. They cover 120 acres, just a short drive from Chicago or Milwaukee, that provide access to all sorts of snow sports activities and services. Their new Kids Ski & Snowboard School shows their dedication to teaching beginners how to enjoy this sport, with safety being paramount!

Wilmot Mountain is not only one of Wisconsin’s best-kept secrets, but it has also become known as America’s number 1 destination for winter snowsports enthusiasts because they offer high-quality experiences at affordable prices-although you do still need your own gear (which can be rented on-site). The mountain features plenty of trails–where novice skiers have plenty of space to learn.

Green Trails for Beginners

The seven green trails cover various landscape types: shady forests with level ground perfect for beginner riders and kids; rolling hills that provide enough challenge but are easy on the legs. Every trail is bound by natural beauty and challenges for beginners or experts alike.

Magic Carpet Lifts

Thanks to the recent addition of 5 new magic carpet lifts and a new conveyor lift system, beginners can now learn from their favorite pro-skiers. These additions have made it easier than ever for all levels of skier and snowboarder alike!

Training Packages

learn skiing

Get ready to ski or snowboard with lessons from the friendly instructors at Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort. You can take group classes, private sessions for all skill levels and ages (starting at three years old), or reserve a spot in one of their many children’s groups, so your little ones get off to a good start on the slopes!

Adults can attend three sessions per day, and children have options for 1/2 or full-day lessons depending on their age. Private instruction is available in increments of 1 hour up to 6 hours! Visit their website for the latest rates.

Rental Packages

You will find all the latest ski gears at the Wilmot Mountain rental shop, including the most recent step-in bindings. They have a team to help fit you to perfect your equipment for whatever activity may be on your list this season!

Snow Tubing

couple in the snow tube park

Wilmot’s snow tube park is a great place for family and friends to have some fun tubing. With 22 lanes over 1,000 feet long and two conveyor lifts, it has something for all ages!

Other Activities

Wilmot Mountain offers skiing and snow tubing, with rentals for skis or tubes. At the end of a day on the mountain, you can grab food at Walt’s Tavern or Ski Hill Grill before heading back out into nature to enjoy more scenic views in peace.

My Thoughts on Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort

The recent expansion projects have really made the best of what was already a great resort. A short but awesome run makes for some fun times on the slopes, and it’s perfect for getting those little ones started in skiing!