Top 7 Best Ski Boot Dryers in 2022 – Reviews

Best Ski Boot Dryers for Home and Lodge

Ski Boot dryers are an absolute must if you enjoy skiing. Wearing wet footwear is never a pleasant experience. You may use these ski boot dryers to keep your boots dry during skiing or snowboarding adventures. 

That way, when you return to the slopes, your boots will be ready. Because there are so many well-built, long-lasting dryers on the market, selecting the correct one is much easier than you may imagine. 

Boot dryers do more than just dry boots; they also eliminate odors and stop bacteria and germs from growing on shoes, gloves, helmets, liners, and other clothing. 

They accomplish this by removing moisture from your boots, therefore; making them dry and comfy. It’s the worst to put on damp clothes or shoes. Second, they are prone to harm throughout the procedure. 

Ski boot dryers operate by gently circulating warm air within the boots to dry them within the timeframe you have set for them. Portable ski boot dryers have the benefit of requiring minimal storage space and being small enough to be carried along in a backpack.

The overall Best Ski Boot Dryers:




DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

  • Use with boots up to 16 inches tall

  • Forced-air boot, glove, and garment dryer

  • Perfect for all year long

DryGuy Travel DX Ski Boot Dryer

  • Hybrid forced air and convection system

  • AC/DC power adaptor

  • Portable

Kendal SI-SD06G Ski Boot and Glove Dryer

  • Warm air dryer for shoes, boots, gloves, and pants

  • Dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time

  • Weighing in at 3.5 pounds

Ski Boot Dryers: What Is It and Why Do You Need One?

Ski Boot Dryer

In most cases, these devices are just long tubes into which you insert your shoes. Gloves, socks, caps, and other small things that fit on the dryer rack may all be dried along with shoes and boots. 

Although all dryers can be readily transported to your location, some are more accessible and lightweight than others. The easiest way to know which type will work best for you is to learn about them all.

The dryers for shoes and boots are generally electric and use heat to complete the drying process. Almost all of them will also help keep fungus and germs from growing inside the boots by reducing the amount of moisture inside. 

With this method, you’ll get better-smelling, longer-lasting shoes, and boots that are not just dry and attractive.

You also have the benefit of being able to choose an excellent boot dryer at an affordable price point because ski boot dryers exist in so many different price ranges. In fact, plenty of the compact boot dryers are really cheap, so that you may find one for $20 or $50.

Many dryers let you choose between a dryer with heat and one without, so you may tailor your drying experience to your specific needs. The sooner a pair of wet boots dry out, the comfier you’ll be once again. 

It’s inconvenient to have to wait for wet boots to dry before skiing again, but having a dryer just for that purpose will make your next ski vacation more enjoyable and help you get more from it.

Consider the best ski boot dryers listed below.

#1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

  • Forced-air boot, glove, and garment dryer

  • Works with boots up to 16 inches tall

  • Perfect for all year long

Using DryGuy’s DX boot dryer can help keep your boots and clothing dry at the same time. This boot dryer uses gentle flowing air and a 120 V AC outlet to quickly dry your boots to 105 °F (40.5 °C). It also effectively dries your garments and boot liners without harming them. 

You can dry up to four articles of clothing or two sets of boots, gloves, or shoes simultaneously, which is amazing and saves you a lot of time. Since it comes with separate extension tubes, this is also a suitable alternative for boots up to 16 inches high.

Because it has a noiseless blower, you can anticipate a quiet operation from the blower, and the 3-hour timer lets you plan ahead to ensure your boots or garments have enough time to dry completely so that mold or odors connected with moisture are avoided.

Favorite Aspects

  • 100 percent Other Fibers
  • Hand soap produced in the United States or imported
  • Boot, glove, and garment dryer all use forced air to dry four items simultaneously.
  • Includes two detachable extension tubes for use with boots up to 16 inches tall, a silent rotating blower, a three-hour timer, as well as a heat-or-not switch.
  • You can dry your damp hiking boots from rain all year long and even sweaty sports equipment like cleats and equipment, as well as helmets, tennis shoes, and gloves.
  • Heats up to 105°F (40.5°C); aids in the elimination of smells and dries most clothing in 1–2 hours.
  • A 6-foot power cord and a 1-year warranty are included in the package.

#2. DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer

  • Portable boot dryer

  • Hybrid forced air and convection system

  • Fits in most types of footwear

The DryGuy shoe and boot dryer is unique in that it operates differently from other dryers. This one is tiny enough to fit inside your shoe or boot so that you can warm it up that way. With a temperature range of 0 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, you may use it to quickly and conveniently dry your ski boots after a day on the slopes.

Because of their mobility and low cost, these are ideal for skiers who visit the mountain regularly or for those who travel. The DryGuy DX portable boot dryer is one of the most cost-effective and efficient options that are available.

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Favorite Aspects

  • Traditional convection drying is combined with forced air in this compact boot and shoe dryer.
  • The hybrid forced air and convection technology dries shoes faster than most portable dryers by heating to 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Because it has an AC/DC power adapter, it can be used both at home and on the road. Its small size also makes it easy to store in carry-on luggage.
  • Because you can work from your car, it’s the ideal travel companion for any outdoor excursion.
  • It fits most types of footwear; won’t harm delicate fabrics. 

#3. Kendal SI-SD06G Ski Boot and Glove Dryer

  • Warm air dryer for shoes, boots, gloves

  • Can dry 2 pairs of shoes at the same time

  • Low and High temperature mode

The Kendal boot and glove dryer stand apart from the crowd since it’s designed to be wall-mounted. Due to the wall installation, this dryer looks and feels almost like an appliance than a plug-in accessory. 

On the other hand, the dryer operates similarly, with four long, flexible tubes that can be inserted into anything from ski boots to gloves. You have the option of blowing warm air at a low or high pressure based on your requirements.

When the machine is operating, all four tubes will be flowing air, so it’s best to put two in each boot if you just have one pair to dry.

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Favorite Aspects

  • Installing the unit on the wall gives it a more upscale aspect.
  • Tubes are quite versatile and may be used with a wide range of footwear and clothing.
  • You have more control over the timer and the heat settings.

#4. PEET Original Electric Ski Boot and Shoe Dryer

  • The Original 2-Shoe Dryer works silently

  • Low wattage

  • Safe on all materials

The PEET electric shoe and boot dryer are ideal for individuals who only wish to dry their boots and don’t want extra functions. It features a simple yet effective design for drying your boots. Buying this dryer won’t break the budget, and it also removes moisture, which encourages the growth of germs and mildew. 

Even better, it’s designed to dry various kinds of footwear, including canvas, neoprene, fleece, leather, and vinyl.

The PEET dryer heats the air as it enters via the bottom vents instead of utilizing forced air (there is no fan). The heated air then slowly rises through the vents.

Compared to forced air dryers, this one uses less energy and runs more silently. A glove-specific attachment from PEET allows the wearer to direct air directly into the fingertips of a glove.

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Favorite Aspects

  • Very low noise levels due to the lack of a fan.
  • Efficient in terms of power use compared to a regular light bulb
  • A product with a simple design will endure longer.

 #5. Kooder Boot Dryer

  • Eliminate bad odor and sanitize shoes

  • Heat resistant tough surface

  • 360 degree all rounded heat

As soon as the drying cycle is completed, you can be assured the entire pair of shoes or boots will be completely dry. The tubes may be adjusted to fit a wide range of footwear, from boots to high heels. Put them into your shoes, turn them on, and let the dryer do the rest.

Despite their portability and ease of travel, Kooder dryers do not include an AC/DC outlet, which means they cannot be used in cars to dry or heat boots. They also take longer to dry, but that’s to be expected given their low price.

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Favorite Aspects

  • Drying your ski boots on the cheap is your best alternative.
  • The presence of many vents facilitates uniform and broad drying.
  • Travel-friendly in terms of size

#6. DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots

  • Can handle heavy gear like ski boots

  • Works well for shoes, gloves, and boots

  • Handle items up to 10 inches long

If you have boots or other things up to 10 inches long, the DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer is the best ski boot dryer to use. It has two ports that may lay flat or spin 180 degrees to dry your boots, gloves, and clothing quickly. 

Additionally, the ports’ height may be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of objects. This DryGuy boot dryer, like others, uses softly pushed air to heat up to 105 °F (40.5 °C). It has a 3-hour timer that you set and that turns off automatically when the timer runs out.

Because it lacks a silent mode, the Force Dry Boot Dryer has one drawback: the noise it makes while drying can be a bit annoying.

Moreover, this dryer safely and quickly dries expensive and even delicate clothes without harming them in either way.

As a result, it is ideal for drying heavy items like ski boots since the rotating and articulating ports may be positioned flat. While the DryGuy Force Dry is perfect for drying ski boots, it also works well for drying shoes, gloves, and boots, securely and effectively drying most goods in 1-2 hours.

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Favorite Aspects

  • The DryGuy Force Dry rapidly removes moisture.
  • Use gently pushed air and 105-degree heat.
  • When using DryGuy Force Dry, you can be confident that your delicate clothing and custom-fit liners will not shrink, warp, or be damaged in any other way. 
  • The rotating and articulating drying ports can handle objects up to 10 inches in length.
  • The Force Dry has a small design, a 3-hour timer, and a 6-foot power cord.

#7. Dr. Prepare Shoe & Boot Dryer 

  • Eliminates Damp & Odor

  • Smart Timers

  • Built-in protection features

Are you tired of scuffling about in dripping boots and wearing clothes that smell like sweat? The most recent Dr. Prepare Shoe & Boot Dryer is ready to keep your gear fresh and comfortable all year long.

The new 19.7′′ extension tubes on this small boot dryer make it suitable for a wide range of footwear and sports gear, including heavy boots and boxing gloves.

Rain and slush puddles await you no matter what you’re doing, from walking your dog to taking on new experiences. With this boot dryer, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities once more in dry, comfortable shoes.

To keep your steel-toed boots or boxing gloves in good condition, make sure to keep your head down when playing. By blowing heated air into your wet shoes and clothing (104 °F-131 °F), this revolutionary shoe dryer will wick away moisture and reduce bacterial development in all seasons.

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Favorite Aspects

  • Brand-new detachable 19.7′′ boot extension tubes
  • 104oF-131oF constant drying range of temperature
  • There are a variety of timing options available.
  • Protection against overheating built-in
  • Works well with a wide range of different materials and textiles.

What Factors Should be Considered for Choosing the Best Ski Boot Dryers?

Ports That Are Not Wet

Determining how many drying ports a ship has is critical. Ski boots become muddy and smelly, but so do gloves, stockings, helmets, and other winter gear. Having the capacity to dry and warm your clothes as well as your boots may be desirable. Keep in mind that a pair of ports is actually only a pair of that item.

Most ski boot dryers include attachments that transform one or two drying ports into smaller ones, making it much easier to dry numerous pairs of gloves at the same time as your boots. As you shop for a dryer and other home appliances, keep your needs in mind.

Methods of Air Drying

Boots are dried by blowing hot air and using a heater. Many ski boot dryers include a powerful fan that blasts air through the exhaust and into your footwear or clothing. The fastest and most efficient way to dry your ski boots is with “forced air.” Conversely, various dryers just heat the air, allowing the heated air to rise and circulate freely. Although this approach still works, the drying time for your boots will be significantly longer.

Time To Go Dry

ski boot dryer time

One of the most significant features of a ski boot dryer is how fast and complete it dries your boots, allowing you to return to the slopes in comfort. Small and portable ski boot dryers and those that don’t use forced air take the time to dry your boots more slowly. 

There are a few dryers on the market that can completely dry your ski boots in as little as two hours, even if you run your dryer all night or for many days.


Traveling and skiing are often used interchangeably in the media. Ski boot dryers are a must-have for many skiers, especially if they plan on taking them on ski excursions. Portable ski boot dryers are less expensive, but they take longer to dry the boots since they are less powerful. 

Choose the best dryer based on the amount of mobility you desire.


As previously noted, there are a variety of boot dryer attachments available, some of which are designed to function with specific items like gloves or boots. These accessories might help your boot dryer work better. 

Additionally, you may want to think about putting your dryer on a rubber mat or something similar so that when snow and ice melt, they don’t flood the floor underneath.

Lastly, Consider the Following:

Having a high-quality boot dryer on hand is a lifesaver when it comes to staying on the slopes as long as possible. It’s reassuring to know that while you’re enjoying a drink by the fire, you can also use that time to dry your ski boots and go back on the slopes faster. 

Ski boot dryers are simple to use and reasonably priced, so they’re a perfect addition to your ski wardrobe. In fact, they’re an excellent way to save money while still having a wonderful time on the slopes.