Top 5 Best Kids Skis of 2022 for All-Mountains

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best kids skis

Skiers come in a wide variety of forms and sizes. The sport is popular around the world and continues to grow in popularity year after year. Skiing is an experience that you will never forget, and if you begin as a child, chances are you will be hooked for life.

If you’re a skier with children, I’d recommend starting them early as well. Beginning to ski at an early age is a great way to have some productive fun and even become a better skier in the long run. Even if your kids outgrow their winter gear and throw a few tantrums now and then, they’ll thank you in the future. 

The skis in this guide are all geared for kids. If you’re looking for something more lightweight than an adult-sized ski, you’ll find a wide range of skis available in smaller sizes. All the options below will assist your child in learning to ski as a beginner.

We will evaluate some of the best kids skis in this guide to inspire your young ones out there and rip it up.

Our Top Picks for The Best Kids Skis

Top 5 Picks of the Best Kids Skis

You’ll find a list of my top recommendations below, as well as a quick summary of each ski’s performance. The goal of this guide is to familiarize you with the features of each product so that you will be better equipped to make an informed buying choice about which product is the best fit for your needs and circumstances. 

#1. K2 Juvy Junior Skis w/FDT 4.5 Bindings

  • Perfect for All Mountain

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Tip/Waist/Tail: 97-72-93

With the K2 Juvy, your little ripper will be able to take on whatever the resort offers. K2 has been recognized for producing high-quality equipment for decades in the ski industry, and their kids’ skis are no exception.

They were the company that created my very first pair of skis, and they have only continued to improve on their designs over the years. With a slightly rockered tip and tail, the Juvy has become one of the best skis on the market.

The Juvy’s rockered design allows it to perform well in a variety of circumstances. These will keep your child engaged if they enjoy spending the day on the slopes. This all-mountain ski is a fantastic choice for all young skiers, regardless of their skill level or previous experience range on the mountain.


  • Sturdy
  • Slightly slanted profile
  • Reputable brand
  • Provides all-mountain entertainment

#2. Volkl Chica Junior Skis w/vMotion 4.5 Bindings

  • Perfect for All Mountain

  • Skill Level: Beginner

  • Tip/Waist/Tail: 100/68/82

In terms of looks, the Volkl Chica is a great pick for girls. This kids ski is a real boon for young skiers since it will allow them to develop their abilities more rapidly and readily than with other methods. 

 The Chica’s body shape encourages the use of wide turns. The skis are very easy to maneuver and provide a great deal of fun to use.

The moderate flex of the skis improves their responsiveness while turning in tight turns. As a result, even at high speeds, they are quite easy to control and maneuver. The tip rocker shape of these skis is suited for groomed slopes and other resort environments. 

Remember to bear this in mind while making your purchase. Furthermore, these skis are competitively priced, and they come with such an excellent guarantee.

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  • Excellent skiing for women 
  • Simple to deal with
  • Tip with a curved, sloping edge
  • A supple bend
  • High-Quality Warranty
  • Easily accessible

#3. Rossignol Kid’s Experience Pro W Skis + Team 4 Bindings

  • Fiberglass customized flex and resistant materials

  • The ABS sidewalls ensure direct transmission

  • Cap Construction Increased durability

You can’t go wrong with the Rossignol Experience Pro for girls, either! Children’s requirements and desires are taken into consideration while designing this all-inclusive choice.

For a wide range of terrain, they have an all-terrain rocker profile. These skis enable your girl to grow and enjoy and have a good time skiing anywhere she wants. In addition, they have a lively, childlike vibe.

 Affordability doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing control or design. Large sidecuts and solid construction give them a forceful and simple to operate turning ability, yet they aren’t excessively stiff.

Rossignol kids skis

The cap’s structure provides further weight reduction and a more pleasant ride. Girls of any skill level will find this to be a great all-around performer.

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  • An all-terrain rocker that may be used on any surface.
  • Excellent elasticity and ease of movement
  • A feeling of fun and lightheartedness

#4. 2022 Armada ARV 84 Skis with GW Bindings

  • Best for All-Mountains

  • Poplar Wood Core Provides Durability

  • Twin-Tip Shape Perfect for Freestyle Skiing

 The Armada ARV 84 Junior is a terrific choice for a youngster who dreams of large airs, complex maneuvers, and spending their days in the terrain park. This ski has a twin-tip form and is designed for freestyle skiers.

 They’re best for intermediate to expert youngsters who have mastered the basics of skiing and are ready to take on more challenging park challenges. These skates are more durable, responsive, and controllable, with a poplar wood core and cap construction on the sidewalls.

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  • Best Park skiing for kids.
  • Twin-tip design
  • Light and strong poplar wood cores.

#5. 2022 Armada ARW 84 Ski with GW Bindings

  • Best for All-Mountains

  • 2.4 impact edge for some added durability

  • Lightweight profile

The Armada ARW 84 is the perfect ski for your little girl’s first foray into the park. Twin tip design and good camber make this model superb in the park as well as an all-mountain performer.

While the ARV skis are quite similar, a few design differences make this ski tailored at female skiers—a good choice for females who want to tear, but not a fantastic selection for beginners.

The ARW 84 has a medium flex, which makes it responsive, fun, and lively. Adding to the fun factor are the skis’ lightweight and flexible poplar wood cores.

 The sidewalls are made more durable and responsive by using a cap structure. This is a great all-around ski for girls who wish to explore the park on their own.

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  • Excellent park ski for children.
  • Twin-tip design
  • Wooden cap with a light and strong poplar wood core

How to Choose the Best Kids Skis

How to Choose the Best Kids Skis

What if you don’t know how to narrow down the options in the crowd? No need to worry. It will help if you keep these things in mind while doing your research for a ski trip.


No matter how heavy or slim a child is, they will have to use a small ski. When it comes to size and weight, they are all tiny. Smaller skiers can’t handle a large ski, so this option is ideal for them. There will still be a few different sizes to choose from for a young skier’s height and skill level.

According to their height and ability, kids’ ski length should be the same as adults’. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want a ski that’s between 70 and 90 centimeters long.


Skis for children are typically built differently than skis for adults. Children’s skis don’t need to be as strong as adult skis because they are lighter.

Because high-end materials would restrict the ski’s ability to flex and limit its overall response, you wouldn’t want a kid’s ski to be constructed with them. The weight of an adult ski is too much for a child to handle.

The reduced weight of a young skier necessitates the elimination of several of the metals commonly found in adult skis. As a result of this more flexible construction, children may more efficiently handle their skis in various circumstances.

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Shape and profile are just as crucial for children’s skis as they are for adults. Skis with a narrower waist and broader tips and tails have a parabolic form, as do all of those featured below. While some choices have less rocking on the tail to adapt to race and conventional ski techniques, others offer a more symmetrical shape.

As with adults, children’s skis should have a rocker and camber. When you put weight on the ski, it gives you a good edge and turning control. The camber provides a spring and a bounce, which is especially crucial for children when it comes to keeping control.

In modern ski design, the rocker is the raised tip and tail. In heavy snow, a rocker helps the skis float above the surface while providing a softer and more forgiving tail turn radius.

A rockered profile is useful if your child enjoys skiing all over the mountain. With groomed runs or racing in mind, camber should be the primary consideration.


kids ski with parent

Introducing your children to skiing at a young age is a great way to pass on your passion for the sport and its joy to your family. They can develop into a world-class skier if they get the basics down pat early on.

Give the gift of skiing to any young people in your life you come into contact with. All of the skis on this page are guaranteed to help them improve. Who knows that they’ll soon be able to ski better than you.