Best Cross Country Ski Pants of 2022 for Men & Women

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best cross country ski pants

Regardless of how often you go cross-country skiing, you must always be warm and safe! Therefore, cross-country ski pants of superior quality and comfort are a must-have. You will become chilled or overheated if you don’t wear the correct technical gear that keeps you warm while also ventilating. Like many other high-intensity winter sports, Cross-country skiing requires managing your body’s heat to the best of your ability.

Breathability and insulation, which can only be found in cross-country ski gear made by professional brands, are critical considerations.

Our Top Picked Cross-Country Ski Pants For Men

Best Cross-Country Ski Pants For Women

We’ve tested a variety of cross-country ski pants for both women and men. There’s no doubt that this post will be helpful whether you’re in the market for new cross-country ski pants or an upgrade from your current pair. Here we go! Let’s learn everything about the best pants for cross-country skiing.

Best Cross Country Ski Pants for Men

#1. 4ucycling Windstopper Athletic Ski pants

  • Double-layer synthetic material

  • Engineered to offer the athlete extra comfort

  • Thermo-lined fleece interior

These ski pants have been designed to provide maximum comfort, so they just could come in handy when it gets chilly up in the mountains. The double-layer construction of the 4ucycling Windstopper ski pants keeps your legs dry without being overly restrictive.

The inner is lined with thermal fleece to keep the skier warm. In addition, these pants include a draping pattern on the knees to keep you warmer. You’ll also have plenty of storage space with the zipper side pockets.

cross country ski pants

There’s a reflective logo to the left. This improves the athlete’s visibility in low-light situations. These cross-country ski pants are made of 75% polyester. The majority of the fabric is polyester, with a small amount of spandex in the back. The user benefits even more from cushioning and padding. The leg holes may also be easily adjusted, further enhancing mobility.

Finally, you’ll note that these ski pants are water-resistant to the point that water simply slides right off.

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What We Like

  • Added comfort and cushioning
  • Additional zipped pockets
  • The Benefits of Reflective Logo
  • Also suitable for indoor use

#2. BALEAF Men’s Winter Thermal Windproof Ski Pants

  • 100% Polyester. Fleece/Warm-keeping/Windproof

  • Utility Zipper Pockets

  • Loose Fitting Leg

Skiers will love the way the BALEAF Cycling Fleece ski pants feel. It’s wind and cold-weather resistant.

This pair of cross-country ski pants feature a warm and comfortable internal fleece lining. It shields you from the cold while also keeping you warm. There’s a lot of room for customization. A good illustration of this is the zippered ankle cuffs. This makes it possible for you to accommodate any alterations to your footwear. Front pockets with zippers are also convenient.

You may find the distinctive stitching on this piece around the kneecap region. To move freely, the knees need to be more flexible. As a result of the innovative design, you’ll have more flexibility.

Wristband with Elastic Loops

Users may get a bespoke fit with the use of adjustability. This product is no different. The waistline is comfortable and stretchy, yet it can be adjusted. Additionally, a drawstring allows the wearer to customize the fit to their liking.

BALEAF pants for cross country skiing

The price and The Worth

There is a modest price range for the BALEAF Cycling Fleece ski pants. In addition, it has reflective components to assist make it more visible in low-light conditions. You may wear these cross-country ski pants for a variety of activities. Skiing, hiking, and running are two examples of this.

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What We Like

  • Wind-Stopper
  • Comfortable internal fleece lining
  • Reflective qualities
  • Made of polyester material
  • Waterproofing

#3. Singbring Men’s Outdoor Lightweight Quick Dry Ski Pants

  • 92% Polyester, 8% Spandex

  • Belt included,Zipper closure

  • Multi waterproof zipper pockets

Men and women alike can benefit from the Singbring Fleece Windproof Ski Pants. It’s perfect for activities like hiking, skiing, and camping.

Polyester and spandex combine to create these cross-country ski pants. It’s tough as nails, with enough wiggle area for your fingers to move about in. In wet weather, its water-resistant surface will keep you dry. Keeping your natural heat will also be possible. This can be attributed to the garment’s fleece lining on the inside.

Zips That are Weather-resistant

This ski pants water protection doesn’t end with the outer layer. Waterproof seals are used on the zippers. This protects the safety of all the things that are kept within. This is the ideal design for those who enjoy skiing on snowy terrain.

The Ability to Customize The Fit

The fit of any one piece of clothing will likely have an impact on your overall degree of comfort. For example, you may adjust the waistline thanks to this design. However, within the range of sizes you’ve selected, you should be able to find your perfect fit.

The Price and The Worth

Mid-priced are the Singbring Fleece Windproof Ski Pants. You may accomplish a wide range of outdoor activities with it. Hiking, skiing, fishing, and simple travel are all examples of outdoor activities. In addition, it is available in a variety of shades and designs.

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What We Like

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Lined with fleece
  • Various colors
  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof ski pants

Best Cross Country Ski Pants for Women

#1. Swix Women’s Universal X Ski Pants

  • 100% polyester with W/R finish

  • Easy To Wear

  • Fitted, articulated knees improve mobility

Swix universal x’s design concept is to perform like tights while appearing like pants. To me, the most interesting feature of these ski pants is how much coziness they provide. They’re a real winner thanks to the drawstring at the waist and the extra buttons.

They’re constructed of water-resistant polyester, according to the label. Highly durable polyester mesh serves as the inside lining. Polyester is used for everything, including the stretch panels on the knees, back, and thighs.

Swix Women's Universal X Ski Pants

There is a full-length zipper from the waist down, so you may move freely. This is the pinnacle of perfection! The tailored fit at the knees enhances the dressy factor even further.

Even though the stuff is made of synthetic material, women will appreciate how rapidly they dry. As a result, you won’t have to worry about getting your clothes wet. They’re also moisture and wind-resistant.

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What We Like

  • Quality as well as comfort
  • Windproof and water-resistant
  • From the waist down, there is a two-way zipper

#2. Camii Mia Women’s Waterproof Windproof Ski Pants

  • Weatherproof surface layer and soft fleece

  • High-density strong textile fabric

  • Great mobility around the knee area

Are you seeking cross-country ski outfits that look not only great in photos but also feel great in real life? Camii Mia Women’s ski pants are here to help! To keep body heat, the inner layer of this clothing is lined with fleece. If you enjoy being outside, you’ve discovered your soulmate. These ski pants may also be machine or hand washed. They are the optimum combination of design, texture, and durability.

Camii Mia pants are made of 97 percent nylon and 3 percent spandex and include various pockets. There are two front pockets and two rear pockets. In addition, the inclusion of knee patches makes them more long-lasting and robust.

Camii Mia Women's Winter Warm Outdoor Slim Windproof Waterproof Ski Snow Fleece Hiking Pants

You’ll note that they fit according to size; yet, you have the option of finding a more flexible fit. These garments may appear soft and elegant, but they do not skimp on quality.

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What We Like

  • Perfect for outdoor activities, hiking, and snow skiing
  • You can easily hand-wash
  • Durable while also being comfy
  • A layer of fleece provides insulation

#3. DAFENGEA Women’s Windproof Snowboard Ski Pants

  • 100% Softshell, antistatic wear-resistant and breathable

  • Extra warm, soft and comfortable

  • Ideal for winter outdoor sports

DAFENGEA ski pants are constructed of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, making them waterproof, windproof and warmer. They’re also abrasion-resistant and non-pilling.

Pants are made to fit comfortably, thanks to the elastic waistband with buttons and belts.

Fleece lining adds warmth, softness, and comfort to the garment. In addition, these ski pants are windproof and waterproof, so you’ll stay warm and dry when skiing.

Women’s multi-pocket hiking and ski pants with an elastic pull tab and front and back security zipper pockets for added security. The knee fabric is also wear-resistant.

A pair of women’s slim hiking pants are perfect for winter outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, snowboarding, etc.

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What We Like

  • Waterproof & Windproof
  • Adjustable Elastic Waistband
  • Wear-resistant Knee Cloth
  • Fit Comfortably

Things To Consider Before Buying The Cross Country Ski Pants

cross country ski pants buying guide

Cross-country ski pants are an absolute must for protection and comfort. When it comes to cross-country ski pants, there are a lot of elements to consider, but your outfit should still be attractive and trendy. Nowadays, you no longer have to compromise on either functionality or aesthetics.


Ski pants for cross-country skiing are mostly made of polyester and spandex. The exterior layers are made of polyester. Abrasion resistance is only one of the many great features it possesses. Moreover, it’s water-resistant. Thanks to the use of spandex, flexibility, and mobility are both improved.

Fleece is commonly used as an inside lining in clothing designs. This fabric, which is similar to polyester in many ways, has several advantages. Among these are comfort and insulation, to name just a couple.


The options mentioned above are intended for usage in the outdoors. Therefore, the ability to withstand water is a critical element to look for. Companies may achieve this because of the materials they employ. In order to make the outer shell water-resistant, polyester was used.

Water at low pressure can be repelled. When walking through snow or a little shower, you’ll notice that the liquid condenses on your shoes. This level of resilience isn’t meant to last during heavy downpours.

Level of Comfort

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, chances are you’ll come into contact with some rough terrain throughout your hobbies. As a result, you require clothing that is both durable and comfy. Clothing that is comfortable enough to wear all day. Many companies deliver this benefit by including smart features. For example, in high-impact places, some may have padding or a cushion.

The portion around the knee is one of the most commonly used. Fleece or other soft fabric is used to line the inside of the ski pants. This fiber has a pleasant hand feel and provides enduring softness.


Clothing that is too baggy or loose might catch on rocks, roots, or other hard surfaces while hiking in rough terrain. On the other hand, cross country ski pants are typically form-fitting. As a result, skiers will get the assistance they require for a high-intensity workout.

The use of spandex in the making gives a degree of adaptability. This enables for a tighter fit while yet allowing for greater flexibility. Especially important for runners and hikers.

Freedom of mobility is essential in these types of activities. It also guarantees that you are at ease inside the size range you have picked out for your clothing.


An item of clothing must withstand the elements before it can claim to be a high achiever. This list contains a large number of options that are resistant to common environmental conditions. For example, as well as protecting against moisture, these ski pants also block the wind. Skiers and snowboarders will like this feature.

Another typical trait is abrasion resistance. This feature helps keep your clothes from tearing when they come into touch with rough terrain. Again, this would be a welcome addition for hikers.

Snow Pants Vs. Ski Pants

Snow pants are baggier, more comfortable, and have more features than ski pants when compared side by side. In terms of snow pants, a roomy fit is more about aesthetics and style than it is about functionality.

Ski pants, on the contrary, tend to be more form-fitting, light, and tight. As a result, it helps skiers in terms of aerodynamics and speed.


pants for cross country skiing

If you enjoy cross-country skiing or other winter activities, you should invest in a decent pair of cross-country ski pants.

When it comes to our product recommendations, we are proud of all of them, but our top picks are the 4ucycling Windstopper Athletic Ski Pants for Men and the Swix Universal X Ski Pants for women.

When buying such item, consider your budget as well.

In order to provide you a wide range of alternatives when it comes to selecting your perfect cross country ski pants, we selected to include brands with a variety of pricing points and similar attributes.